Precautions for COVID-19

MS Race Timing & Management Recommendations for Race Day


Participant Expectations

  • Do not participate if you are feeling sick or ill, have fever or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

  • Persons from high risk groups for COVID-19 should consult a physician before participating.

  • Do not engage in traditional forms of physical contact (handshakes, high-fives, hugs).

  • Always maintain social distancing.

  • Do not spit or clear nose in public.

  • Wear face masks before and after race.

  • Encourage the carrying of personal hydration bottles to reduce number of water stops on course.

  • Pre-race Preparations

  • No race day registration.

  • Be aware of the number of participants and volunteers to follow local guidelines for group gatherings.

  • Limit size of event to be in compliance with local guidelines if necessary.

Start of Race

  • Start race in groups (waves), allowing participants to maintain a 6-foot distance on sides and front to back.

  • Start in corrals of 9-12 participants depending on pace. Maintain rows of 3 participants 3 to 4 deep. Start each corral every 30 seconds. Create two corrals at start to allow consecutive waves of participants to move into place once first wave of participants start. See Exhibit A Recommended Starting Line-Up.

  • Race will be chipped timed from beginning to end, allowing participants to run at their own pace while having an accurate race time/result.

  • Groups will depart from fastest to the slowest with walkers starting last.

  • Participants will be discouraged from running or walking in groups.

  • Participants will be encouraged to maintain social distancing at all times.

Water Stops

  • Participants will be encouraged to self-carry hydration bottles.

  • Volunteers working water stations will wear gloves and face masks at all times,

  • Place water on tables to allow participants to pick up own water. Spread cups out for easy pick-up.

  • A separate group of volunteers will oversee picking up discarded cups. Gloves and masks should always be worn. Workers picking up discarded cups will not be allowed to pass out water or fill cups.

Post Race

  • Once participants cross the finish line, they will move off of course.

  • Participants will be encouraged to put face covering back on.

  • Participants will be asked to refrain from physical contact with fellow participants and volunteers.

  • Participants should be offered individually wrapped snack.

  • Post-race hydration will be served on tables for individual pick-up.

  • Awards will be given immediately after race. Medals will be handed to participants and not put around necks.


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Vicksburg, MS 39180
Phone: 601-631-2997
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